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Covert Technology Exhibition QUANTICO

1-2 October 2019

About CTE-Q

CTE-Q provides a unique opportunity for Government Agencies, Law Enforcement, Homeland Security and Military professionals to speak directly to the manufacturers of world-leading covert surveillance technologies from the United Kingdom.

Built on the four pillars of Covert Detection, Covert Surveillance, Covert Interception, and Counter Measures, CTE-Q brings users of covert technology face-to-face with the United Kingdom’s development and manufacturing community.

Exhibitors are security cleared and/or US government sponsored personnel and members of the UK Aerospace Defense and Security (ADS) Covert Technology Suppliers Forum (CTSF), the UK's industry body for covert security technology.  Furthermore, all exhibitors are existing suppliers to the Five Eyes intelligence community.

Technology areas covered will include state of the art examples of:

  • Surveillance cameras and advanced lens systems
  • Secure video transmission
  • Audio surveillance
  • Radio direction finding
  • Geolocation and tracking
  • 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G mobile phone interrogation, IMSI-grabbing and data analysis
  • Covert surveillance deployment tools and equipment
  • Covert digital storage & exploitation tools

Join us for this two-day event, and discover new technology and advanced operational practices to enhance on your operational capabilities.

Hit the ground running!

Make the most of your visit to CTE-Q.  Before the event you can use the PRE-PLAN  buttons to contact manufacturers, request information and book on-site meetings/demonstrations.


Sonic Communications (Int) Ltd is a market leader and global supplier of specialist equipment, solutions and services, for the Police, Military, Government and Industrial sectors, with over 38 years’ experience in these fields.


Sonic specializes in the design and manufacture of a large range of communications accessories for all makes / models of radio equipment’s, the supply of bodyworn, mobile and static video surveillance equipment and the installation of all types of technical equipment into vehicles.  ● 

Smith Myers have provided cellular radio design expertise to law enforcement and government agencies for over 30 years.

Embedded cellular protocol stacks, in-house gate arrays, SDR designs, offer a wide range of products, from IP67 devices weighing just over 1lb for UAV platforms to fully air qualified systems for manned aircraft.

Covert surveillance communications using standard cellular phones, informant handling systems protecting the identity and location of the handler, counter surveillance equipment detecting IMSI capture devices. 


MetOcean Telematics provides innovative global surveillance solutions for domestic and international law enforcement. Trusted products designed for locating, tracking and detecting valuable assets via Iridium, GSM, and Radio.

Across the world, on land, oceans, and waterways, there is a demand for reliable and cost-effective solutions to track, monitor and secure assets. MetOcean Telematics covert tracking products offer options for Cellular GPS Tracking, Iridium GPS Tracking, RDF Tracking, Tagging and Location solutions.

Providence provide specialized deployment solutions, covert installation training and consultancy.  Drawing on years of experience within the defense and security industries, Providence have positioned themselves to provide efficient, effective and value for money services to Governments, Militaries and Law Enforcement Agencies across the globe.

Products and services include the following: Covert Installation and Drilling Equipment, Audio and Video Deployment Solutions, Covert Access, Covert Tracking, Sensor Systems, Mimicry and Concealment, Situational Awareness, Tactical Cyber and Interception, Covert Method of Entry (CMOE), Electronic Lock (RFID and Access Control Systems) and Alarm Defeat.  ●

Cellmetric designs and manufactures a range of world-leading covert geolocation, tracking and video surveillance solutions to provide enhanced situational awareness for surveillance teams.

Cellmetric’s tracking solutions are easy to conceal, have long battery life and provide high omnidirectional GPS receive sensitivity for enhanced tracking in difficult environments. Our trackers are robust, rugged, waterproof and use cellular, LoRa and Iridium satellite backhaul.

Cellmetric’s advanced geolocation, tracking and mapping solutions provides a secure, bidirectional, open interface to Cellmetric and other remote sensing platforms.  ●

Claresys are UK based Designers and Manufacturers of optical solutions specifically for high-end covert surveillance.  Many of the product designs utilize optical patents originating with the UK MoD’s research laboratories which offer significant operational advantages, improved results and reduced mission risk.

Video surveillance solutions include miniature pinhole cameras and more comprehensive solutions providing pan/tilt and zoom through a 1mm or smaller pinhole, as well as long-range urban surveillance systems. 

EXFO - Homeland Security Division, provides tactical communication intelligence solutions for elite police units, military special forces, and government security agencies.

Our cell phone surveillance solutions leverage years of experience in wired and wireless 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G telecom networks.  Solutions are highly configurable and portable, making them ideal for any Lawful/Tactical - Portable, Vehicle, Fixed Site or Airborne application. In addition, our new product line includes Rotary/Fixed Wing UAVs, as well as UAV Detection and Jamming solutions.  

Vemotion specialize in the compression and transmission of live video, delivering remote live video streaming solutions for covert surveillance, specialist & military operations across a variety of networks from wired/wireless, public/private.

Vemotion’s unique video compression techniques provides high video quality at less bandwidth, whilst transmission protocols deliver ultra-low latency over any network whether low bandwidth, poor signal areas or with potential congestion issues. Plug and play technology offers solutions for any video streaming application.   ● 

Terrafix is the leading supplier of bespoke covert surveillance solutions, information communication and mobile data systems to the UK Security Services, Police, Ministry of Defense and Home Office.

Terrafix has amassed over 25 years’ experience in providing covert and mission critical ICT systems that maximize adaptability, operational efficiency and asset safety.

Terrafix will be showing a range of covert vehicle and asset tracking devices, Operational Situation Awareness Command systems and a Mobile Device Surveillance Application.   ●

Designers and manufactures of technical support equipment exclusively for government intelligence, homeland security, law enforcement and military organizations. From their headquarters in the UK, Cat's Whisker Technologies is committed to providing excellent products and support services to their worldwide customer base and trusted partners.  

Founded in 1987, Exensor Technology is a world leading supplier of Networked Unattended Ground Sensor (UGS) Systems providing tailored sensor solutions to customers all over the world.

Exensor Technologies design, develop and produce latest state of the art rugged UGS solutions at the highest quality to meet the most stringent demands of our customers.  

Since 1993, Evidence Talks has been helping the Enforcement, Military and intelligence communities respond to the need for digital forensic

device exploitation. Our enviable experience and reputation within these communities ensures we deliver efficient, cost effective and reliable products and services that meet their demanding needs.


We are known for producing some of the most innovative forensic solutions for sensitive site exploitation, domex, digital forensic triage, overt/covert ultra-fast forensic imaging, fully automated forensic analysis, clandestine and covert digital exploitation and more.  ● 

Vortex Communications manufactures and supplies video and audio equipment to broadcasters and system builders worldwide from its base in the UK.  The company also imports and distributes products for a number of partner companies.  ●  

CEDAR Audio is the leading developer of advanced speech enhancement and audio surveillance systems used by police, military forces, security agencies, counter-terrorism forces, air accident investigators and forensic bureaux worldwide.  

Kinesense provides its customers with one platform to manage all their video Investigations tasks. By combining smart video search technology with easy to use reporting functionality, investigators can generate leads faster.

Digital Barriers provides software solutions and cloud services to manage the capture, analysis and streaming of live video, enabling actionable intelligence to be delivered where it’s needed, when it’s needed.

Our software-based solutions, supplied on highly-performant hardware where required, readily integrate with video management systems, cameras and sensors, and have been sold to flagship defence, security and law enforcement agencies in more than sixty countries around the world. We also resell through large commercial channel partners and on a licensed basis to leading technology companies and service providers.

Register Now!

To register and receive your invitation to attend CTE-Q please email the registration team at  info@cte-q.com.  Please provide your name, phone number and government email address.  You will receive an acknowledgement, followed later by your invitation to the exhibition.

Attendance to CTE-Q is strictly limited to United States and Canadian government personnel (and their British counterparts) working in Federal law enforcement, homeland security, intelligence and defense departments.  Access will only be permitted to personnel bearing their invitation and government accreditation.

Attendance is free of charge.  Light refreshments and snacks will be provided.

If you have any questions, or if you represent a company that would like to exhibit at CTE-Q 2020, please use the form below to contact the organizers.

Location and Dates

CTE-Q will take place from Tuesday October 1st thru Wednesday 2nd 2019, doors opening at 0900 and closing at 17:00 each day.  The event will be located at the Holiday Inn Quantico Center which is a few minutes outside the Marine Corps Base, 30 miles south of Washington DC.  (What3Words location)


There are several hotels in the local area, many of which offer discounts to military personnel.  Details can be found on the Military Hotels website or on TripAdvisor.


Download local food and restaurant information here.


Dulles Airport (IAD): Located in Washington DC and is one of the biggest international airports in the US. About 55 minutes to Quantico.

Reagan National Airport (DCA): A fairly small airport. About 45 minutes to Quantico.

Richmond International Airport (RIC): Located in Richmond and is a smaller hub. 1.5 hours to Quantico.

Baltimore-Washington International Airport (BWI): Located in Baltimore, approximately 1.5 hours to Quantico.

Holiday Inn Exhibition Center

3901 Fettler Park Drive

Dumfries, VA 22026


  Call toll-free 1-866-827-9890


Text 1-866-827-9890

CTE-Q 2020 - If you are interested in signing up for next year's event, please email info@cte-q.com