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Covert Technology Exhibition QUANTICO

Thanks and see you next time...

The CTE-Q 2019 event has now taken place - many thanks to all the exhibitors and delegates who made the event such a success.

Exhibitors interested in attending future events should email the organizing team on info@cte-q.com 

About CTE-Q

CTE-Q provides a unique opportunity for Government Agencies, Law Enforcement, Homeland Security and Military professionals to speak directly to the manufacturers of world-leading covert surveillance technologies from the United Kingdom.

Built on the four pillars of Covert Detection, Covert Surveillance, Covert Interception, and Counter Measures, CTE-Q brings users of covert technology face-to-face with the United Kingdom’s development and manufacturing community.

Exhibitors are security cleared and/or US government sponsored personnel and members of the UK Aerospace Defense and Security (ADS) Covert Technology Suppliers Forum (CTSF), the UK's industry body for covert security technology.  Furthermore, all exhibitors are existing suppliers to the Five Eyes intelligence community.

Technology areas covered include:

  • Surveillance cameras and advanced lens systems
  • Secure video transmission
  • Audio surveillance
  • Radio direction finding
  • Geolocation and tracking
  • 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G mobile phone interrogation, IMSI-grabbing and data analysis
  • Covert surveillance deployment tools and equipment
  • Covert digital storage & exploitation tools

If you are interested in signing up for the next CTE-Q event please email info@cte-q.com