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Covert Technology 
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CTE-Q 2024

The provisional dates for the third Covert Technology Exhibition in Quantico are Tuesday 16th and Wednesday 17th April 2024. Once again the venue will be the Holiday Inn Dumfries Quantico Center and will be exclusively open to delegates from Federal law enforcement or military organizations.  

If you are interested in attending the the 2024 event as a delegate or exhibitor please email the organizing team on  Details on entry requirements are given below.

About CTE-Q

CTE-Q provides a unique opportunity for Federal Government Agencies, Federal Law Enforcement, Homeland Security and Military professionals to speak directly to the manufacturers of world-leading covert surveillance technologies from the United Kingdom.

Built on the four pillars of Covert Detection, Covert Surveillance, Covert Interception, and Counter Measures, CTE-Q brings users of covert technology face-to-face with the United Kingdom’s development and manufacturing community.

Exhibitors are security cleared and/or US government sponsored personnel and members of the UK Aerospace Defense and Security (ADS) Covert Technology Suppliers Forum (CTSF), the UK's industry body for covert security technology.
Furthermore, all exhibitors are existing suppliers to the Five Eyes intelligence community.

Technology areas covered include:

2024 Delegate & Exhibitor Registration Requirements

Delegates:  If you wish to attend CTE-Q 2024 as a delegate, please send an email to with your name and email address and the message DELEGATE.

Delegates must be serving government employees working in relevant Federal/military departments (or equivalent) from either the US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia or the UK.

To provide an assurance of security clearance and identity invitations will only be sent to valid government email addresses.

Contractors wishing to attend must be employed full-time by relevant Federal US government/military organizations and their invitations will only be sent to their government sponsor/employer.

Exhibitors:  If you would like to exhibit at CTE-Q 2024, please send an email to with your name and email address and the message EXHIBITOR.

Exhibiting companies must be members of the CTSF and provide staff who are either British citizens who are full-time employees of the exhibiting company and who hold current security clearance to SC level or above or serving members of the UK armed forces.

Exhibiting companies may be accompanied by US or Canadian citizens who are employed full-time by companies representing the exhibitor in the United States or Canada.

Exhibitors will be permitted a maximum of 4 staff at their booth.

If you have not recieved an acknowledgment please call 1-866-827-9890

2024 Exhibition Details


We currently plan to hold CTE-Q 2024 at the same venue as the 2022 ev​ent, i.e. at the Holiday Inn Dumfries.  However, since the event is some time away we will confirm the venue and dates nearer the time.

For information call 1-866-827-9890

2022 Exhibitors

Smith Myers, formed in 1985, is an award-winning UK company specialising in the design, development, manufacture and support of application specific cellular network and handset capabilities for Network Operators, Government Agencies, Law Enforcement,  Military, and Search and Rescue organisations.  We provide a full range of ground based and airborne solutions for UAS and manned aircraft, with equipment qualified to RTCA-DO160(G).

CRFS is a global leader in RF spectrum monitoring, intelligence and geolocation solutions. We create rugged deployable systems to detect, identify and geolocate signals in complex RF environments.

Our RFeye systems are widely deployed by military, intelligence, law enforcement and regulatory agencies for a range of missions, including spectrum management and deconfliction, interference hunting and threat detection.

DTC is a global technology leader and our passion for innovation keeps us one step ahead in rapidly changing and increasingly challenging environments. High performance overt and covert surveillance, communications and broadcast systems enable our customers to securely detect, monitor, communicate and share information with confidence.  With integrated solutions across our wireless video and IP, cellular, covert audio, video and C2 Systems, DTC can provide professional security networks that protect people and infrastructure in some of the world’s most demanding environments.  

Claresys is a UK Company committed to supplying the best video surveillance solutions available. Working in partnership with our specialist end-user community and business partners, Claresys has developed many unique optical products and opto-electronic systems to help its customers obtain results in challenging circumstances and reduce operational risk.

Through its world-wide network of value added resellers, Claresys is able to provide access to this technology in accordance with UK Government trade and export controls.

CEDAR Audio is a leading supplier of recording and noise suppression systems to law enforcement, security and anti-terrorism agencies, accident investigators and military intelligence. When it's vital that the audio is intelligible, clear and unequivocal, and whether the need is for a portable surveillance system, a forensic system, or even a large-scale multi-user installation, many of the best known (and equally many of the least known) forces and agencies in the world turn to CEDAR.  

Providence provides government, defense and law enforcement customers with bespoke capability development initiatives, equipment procurement solutions and best-in-class operational training.

Vortex has been supplying equipment to the security and law-enforcement sectors for over 20 years. This comprises hardware and software developed by Vortex specifically for the law-enforcement market, as well as products originally designed for our broadcast customers who demand the same degree of reliability and quality. We are always happy to discuss particular requirements and are uniquely positioned to offer solutions using a combination of off-the-shelf and custom-engineered products, without the price tag associated with suppliers which focus solely on the security sector.

EXFO's Homeland Security Division provides tactical communication intelligence solutions for elite police units, military special forces and governmental security agencies worldwide. Leveraging years of experience in wired and wireless 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G solutions. Our latest product introductions include Tactical 5G and WiFi features as well as Counter-Drone measures for perimeter protection applications. EXFO's solutions are highly configurable and scalable, making them ideal for Tactical-, Vehicle-, Fixed Site- and Airborne applications.

METIS Aerospace - delivering intelligent Cyber and Electro-Magnetic Activity (CEMA) Solutions and Services. Our specialist products include drone detection (SKYPERION) and COMINT/SIGINT (HYPERION) capabilities. Working with end users, our mission is to provide the most suitable products and capabilities to provide full spectrum passive RF detection solutions. With a form factor that readily supports Covert Detection, Surveillance and Interception requirements, METIS products deliver an unrivalled and scalable capability from fixed and mobile installations.

Tested to the highest quality and reliability standards in ruggedness, sealing, data transmission and miniaturization, our high-performance connectivity solutions are tailored to demanding and mission-critical operating environments. They include connectors, cable assemblies and covert/overt electronic solutions for data and power management such as IP switches, visible low-light cameras, tailored flex circuits, rapid deploy camera pole systems and tactical hubs. Our group also includes Wearin’, a spin-off dedicated to connected ecosystems for workers’ safety and performance.

Telesemica will be introducing new, compact microphone systems that provide ground-breaking capabilities for capturing audio in noisy environments with high intelligibility. Developed to meet the needs of specialist end-users, our products allow customers to secure reliable audio evidence in highly challenging circumstances with reduced operational risk.
 This will be the first time that this leading-edge technology has been shown to interested parties in the United States.   

Sonic Communications develops and manufactures a wide range of communications accessories for both overt and covert radios, supplies bodyworn, fixed and vehicle covert video surveillance equipment.  It carries out specialist vehicle installations for government departments, military units and law enforcement agencies worldwide. 

Cat's Whisker Technologies designs and manufactures specialized technical support equipment for approved law enforcement, national security and military organisations.

The company is based in the UK and its capabilities include electronics, software and mechanical engineering.  

Tag, Track, Locate.  

Cellmetric designs and manufactures a range of world-leading covert tag, track and locate and video surveillance solutions to provide enhanced situational awareness, operational advantage and reduced risk to surveillance teams.    

CCL is dedicated to data - to discover, protect and transform it, to help reveal truth, manage risk and generate insight. Guided by the highest ethical and professional standards and most rigorous evidential handling processes, we are the go-to partner for agencies and organisations around the world.  

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